Speech by a woman in the veil

Source: A video from Ghazipur Morcha
Read in Gurmukhi
I want to tell this heartless government and the godi media that you can block the internet, but you cannot suppress the courage in our hearts. It is our faith in our mission that keeps us united, despite godi media’s best attempts at showcasing us as a movement that is falling apart after our leader cried on national television. I want to thank them for kindling our passions and rejuvenating our spirits by the incessant, inaccurate portrayal of the movement. We all know that the media only showed one side of the story from the events of 26th January. It was a deliberate attempt at diverting attention of the people of this country to one lone incident. It's ironic that the very section fueling communal divisions in this country are the ones telling us we disrespected our flag. What do they know about respect or disrespect? Don't they see the flag is disrespected when a soldier cries at the border and a farmer cries in his fields?

The reality of our times is that our jawans are crying at the borders and our kisans are crying in their fields. Our protest is not just against the three farm laws, but also against the godi media, corruption, misinformation and rumours, and the government. We’re on a mission to save farming and farmers from this government, and also to save our daughters. Those in power have never been farmers, they don’t have daughters also. It seems as if the government understands neither the farmers nor the daughters of this country. When a daughter of the country is brutally raped, they talk about it for not more than four days, and don’t even let the investigations be completed. But when a celebrity like Sushant Singh Rajput dies by suicide, they show comments from other ceelbrities like Kangana Ranaut for days and months on end. The conversation around them is never ending. Why are these matters given the media space? The answer is simple, they do it to sidetrack us from the real issues. I am here because my heart hurts & goes out to all farmers, I am a farmer’s daughter. My father started farming when he was fourteen years old and till date does. I am proud of my father. I want to share a few lines from a famous poet.

“Apne chehre se jo zahir hai, chupaoon kaise; Teri marzi ke mutabik nazar aaoon kaise

Ghar sajaane ki tassavur to baad ki baat hai; Pehle yeh to tai ho ki main iss ghar ko bachaoon kaise

Lakh talvaarein aa badhein meri gardan ki taraf; Sir jhukaana nahin seekha to sir jhukaaoon kaise”

Loosely translated they mean:

“How can I hide what my face reveals; How can I look the way you want to see me

What will I do decorating the house; When I first need to decide how to save this house

Lakhs of swords can hang on my neck; when I haven’t learnt to bow down then how can I bow down”

I want to thank you all for listening to me with such patience and attention. The government and the police have been preparing to remove us from our protest sites, because to cut a tree you need to cut its root. If a tree has strong roots, no one can harm it. This is our root, if we move from here, they will not stop at this, they will go to the borders also to remove us from there. We have well understood that they try to divide us based on religion and caste. But that is our internal matter and we will solve it on our own. Firstly and most importantly, we need to fight the godi media. The protests that were being written off have been given new heights by Rakesh Tikat’s tears. It is, therefore, my earnest appeal to all of you, and especially the youth, that we do not indulge in any violent activity that can bring a bad name to our protest. They looking for exactly this, one small misstep from our side and they are waiting to malign the entire movement. With folded hands, I humbly appeal to you all to stay with our elders, do as they guide us and walk with them. This is a people’s protest, this is our country’s protest. Once again, thank you all for hearing me out so patiently.